Windows 7 Explorer as Administrator

This entry is mostly just out of spite. I wanted to open explorer as administrator to copy some files between hard drives. (It turns out I didn't really need to do that, but I digress.)
Shouldn't be too difficult right? I googled "windows explorer administrator" and came up with this site as the first hit. The description seemed very promising, but when I got to the site, I found you had to register/pay to see the solution.

Here is the extremely easy process to open Windows Explorer as Administrator in Windows 7:
1. Search for "explorer" in the windows menu search box.
2. Right-click "Windows Explorer" and select "Run as administrator"
3. Enter password if needed and enjoy.

That's it. Hope it helps someone.

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  1. Much appreciated. I mostly live in Linux, where I'm used to prefixing commands with 'sudo' (or 'gksudo' for graphic apps) when I need to elevate privileges. Glad to get the Windows 7 variant.